Sunday, July 3, 2011

TOP 10 COLORS OF 2011!!!

I am sure for the past few months you’ve been thinking to yourself, “What are the Top 10 Colors of 2011?  Jeffrey told us what the Top 10 Colors of 2010 were, but that was so long ago.  I have not known what color clothes to buy, or what color to paint my apartment.  My life in general has been in complete disarray!” 

Wow, you sure are needy.  I have spent the first half of 2011 researching (with my mind) and looking (with my eyes) to find out what the top colors of this year are.  I can assure you, this was no easy task and I did not take it lightly.

As you’ll see, green and purple (both very big in 2010) are no longer in.  (They are OUT.)  

Sorry, Wally the Green Monster.

So, what colors made the cut?!

10. Silver

In the old Rudolph movie, Sam the Snowman sings a song called ‘Silver and Gold’ that is about how great silver and gold are.  (He is one greedy snowman!  I bet he'd love to get his hands on that silver goblet!)  Sam, however, was only one for two.  Gold is out.  If you want to buy your lady (or fella) an expensive watch or necklace, pick silver!

9. Camel

Dr. Seuss came up with the idea for camels in the book, Dr. Doolittle.  Later, people found out camels were real and named this color after them.

8. Canary Yellow

He’s back!  This quizzical, yellow bird represented canary yellow at the #10 spot last year and now he’s moved up two spaces!  One day, he might make it all the way to #1 (but probably not).

7. Electric Blue and Electric Violet (Tie)

These colors are electric!  (They are also filler.)

6. Blue

Blue is consistently ranked as the most popular color.  Even people who don’t pick blue as their favorite still usually like it.  (This is a major difference between blue and its longtime rival, pink.  People tend to either love or hate pink.)  Blue is a relaxing color that puts one’s mind at ease.  It is also the color of the sky.

5. White

Despite what some people may think, white is a color (and I do not just mean the color skin that white people have).  According to scientist people, and Merriam-Webster, and Wikipedia, white is the color of all the colors combined.  However, many artists consider white to be the absence of color (think of a blank sheet of paper).  So, in a way, white is both all of the colors combined and the absence of color at the same time.  This is called a paradox.  I am pretty sure everything I just wrote about white doesn’t make sense and is probably inaccurate.

4. Banana Yellow

Woah, another shade of yellow!  I thought yellow was a lame color!’  You are wrong, theoretical person.  Yellow used to be a lame color, but now it’s becoming cool.  Bananas, once considered a bland, loser fruit are now becoming a bland, not loser fruit.  Looks like those wacky monkeys were right about something after all!

3. Pakistan Green

I know I promised there wouldn’t be any greens on this list, but I couldn’t help it!  (I just like green too much!)  Pakistan green is named after the dark green color in Pakistan’s flag.  I will not make any political jokes since I do not want to alienate my readership.

2. Brick Red

The first pig built his house out of straw.  The wolf ate him.  The second pig built his house out of wood.  The wolf ate him.  The third pig built his house out of bricks (brick red in color).  The wolf could not blow down his house, went down the chimney, and burned to death in boiling water. 

1. Azure

Azure is the perfect mixture of calm, soothing blue, and bold, sharp cyan.  Is it a bit of a safe choice?  Perhaps.  But there’s something fresh about the color.  Azure has it-- that special something that just feels right and that makes it the perfect color for 2011.