Sunday, July 17, 2011


According to a Harris Poll, Kobe Bryant is no longer America's favorite athlete.

America's new favorite athlete is me.

I loved racing in the 37th BMW Berlin Marathon.

I forgot to wear my neon shirt.

Just kidding, America's favorite athlete is Derek Jeter.  The poll questioned 2,163 adults between June 13th and June 20th of this year, when Jeter was getting closer and closer to 3,000 hits.  Thus, making the list biased in his favor, since Jeter (and baseball in general) was at the forefront of everyone's mind during the survey.  Jeffrey The Great calls foul!


He's still over 1,000 hits behind this guy:

If the survey were conducted sometime in February, maybe Aaron Rodgers (#10 on the list) would be a few spots higher.

Or maybe not.

Peyton Manning came in 2nd, proving that good looks and charm do matter when it comes to ranking one's favorite player.


Also of note, Hines Ward placed 7th.  This makes no sense until you remember that he just won Dancing With The Stars.

Soon, he'll be dancing into court to deal with his new DUI.  (Zing!)

Let's end with some pictures of a few athletes who will never make this list: