Monday, November 21, 2011

The 30 Best Graphic Novels Ever

There are two types of people: people who can read and people who can look at pictures.  Actually, there are three types of people because some people can both read and look at pictures.  Graphic novels are good for the first two types, but if you can read AND see, then they're FANTASTIC for you!  (Actually, I just realized that if you can't see, you can't read; unless, of course, you're reading brail.  I am thinking about this too much now.)

Many of the titles on this list aren't actually one-shot graphic novels.  Sometimes I list an entire series (usually a series that's concluded, but twice I rank an ongoing series).  Basically, whatever's the best of the best.  (I made the list so I make the rules!)  Enjoy!

30.) EX MACHINA, Volumes 1-10 (complete series), by Brian K. Vaughan
29.) SIN CITY, by Frank Miller
28.) WANTED, by Mark Millar
27.) ULTRA: SEVEN DAYS, by The Luna Brothers
26.) POWERS: WHO KILLED RETRO GIRL?, by Brian Michael Bendis
25.) FROM HELL, by Alan Moore
24.) THE NOBODY, by Jeff Lemire
23.) THE ULTIMATES, Volumes 1 & 2, by Mark Millar 
22.) WATCHMEN, by Alan Moore
20.) PRIDE OF BAGHDAD, by Brian K. Vaughan
The story of a pride of lions who escape from the Baghdad Zoo during the bombing of Baghdad.

19.) MARVEL 1602, by Neil Gaiman
The title is pretty accurate; it's Marvel heroes and villains in the year (you guessed it) 1602.  Beautifully illustrated by Andy Kubert.  You don't need a detailed understanding of the Marvel Universe to enjoy 1602.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Jeffrey Finds Rare Geodes in the Attic

If you follow the news, then you surely know that a man found $500,000 worth of rare coins in an abandoned storage unit he bid on and won for $1,100.  The auction was run by American Auctioneers, the company featured in A&E’s Storage Wars, a show in which obnoxious people bid on the lockers of other people who, for one reason or another, have failed to pay their storage fees.  (Go pay your storage fees, everyone!)  Unfortunately, cameras were not rolling during this auction.  Still, this story got me thinking: Who knows where rare treasures are hiding?