Wednesday, September 28, 2011

2014 Super Bowl Logo Revealed! A Look at Old SB Logos and a Review of the New One!

The logo for the 2014 Super Bowl, which will be played at MetLife Stadium (home of the Jets & Giants), was revealed today.  Before we get to our review of the logo, let's take a look back at some Super Bowl logos of seasons past.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

What's Wrong With Going to Jets Games (and how to fix it)

PERSON: Hey, Jeff, do you know how I can get season tickets for the New York Jets?

JEFF: Well, the first thing you're going to have to do is buy a Personal Seat License, or PSL for short.

PERSON: What's that?

JEFF: A PSL is basically you paying for the right to buy season tickets for a seat.

PERSON: But I just want to buy the tickets.

JEFF: You have to pay for the right to buy the tickets.  Then, you can buy the tickets.

PERSON: That sounds like a scam.
(Long pause)
JEFF: What sort of seats do you want?

PERSON: Well, at least decent ones.  I want to be able to see my favorite team win!

JEFF: Alright, how about this seat?  The PSL is just $15,000.

PERSON: What?!  To buy one seat?!

JEFF: That pays for the right to buy the tickets to the seat.  After you pay the 15K, you're going to have to pay $295 a ticket for each game...including preseason-- you have to buy those, too.

PERSON: So it's going to cost me $17,950 to get the tickets?!

JEFF: Plus tax.  And unless you want to go alone, you're going to need another seat.

And they wonder why they can't sell all the tickets.

MetLife Stadium

Friday, September 16, 2011


One year from now...
Some nights, when the moon is full and yellow, and when the air is cold,  you can hear the monster crying right outside your bedroom window.  It is a sad cry, or angry maybe…tortured; yes, that's the right word.  Tortured.  You go out to search for the monster, but he cannot be found.  You can feel him watching you, but still, he remains hidden.
The monster is getting closer now.  You aim your flashlight at the trees and, for a moment, you're certain that you see the outline of a large figure crouching behind a branch.  

But then… the figure is gone.  The monster has disappeared into the night.  But he will return.  He will return with friends-- other monsters.  And the monsters will try to eat you, since they are hungry.  And there has been a hidden society of monsters living under the ground for centuries and they are finally ready to attack mankind.
Now, you have to run away to the beach (since the monsters are scared of the water).  Life as you knew it is over.

Wow!  That is one scary premonition I had about what's going to happen to you!  I sure hope it doesn't come true, but I am almost always right, so it probably will.  

Every thousand years, something happens that drastically changes life on Earth.  For example, when the dinosaurs were killed by the meteorite, lots of things changed (mainly, there were no more dinosaurs).  Now, we're due for another big change.

Films like Contagion and Rise of Planet of the Apes give us some ideas of threats that could drastically alter the lives of humans everywhere (viruses and monkeys), but I foresee other possible threats to mankind.  For your reading pleasure, and because you should be prepared for them, here are the TOP 10 THREATS TO LIFE AS WE KNOW IT!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Top 10 Best Underrated Horror Movies

I decided to make this an "underrated" horror movies list and not include any of the more famous horror films since there are already a ton of horror movie lists out there featuring them.  Plus, truth be told, (with the exception of The Exorcist and Psycho) many of the frequently top-ranked horror flicks (Poltergeist, Nightmare on Elm Street, etc.) are overrated.  Other horror movies, like The Thing, suffer from special effects that, while in their day might have been impressive, now seem goofy and even laughable.  

The movies on this list are very good horror films that, for one reason or another, are overlooked or underrated.

The Top 10 Best (Overlooked or Underrated) Horror Movies: