Sunday, July 17, 2011


It looks like old people are good for something after all (besides playing cards and rambling about the past)!  John Rolczynski (82), of Grand Folks North Dakota, has been trying to convince legislators for over a decade that North Dakota isn't really a state.  (This is ironic because sometimes I forget it's a state since it is so boring.)

It's the one in red.

It all started back in 1889, decades before my ancestors even came to the United States and nearly a century before I was born.  North Dakota and South Dakota were (supposed to be) admitted to the Union.  However, North Dakota's governor and other top officials never took an oath of office.  Basically, the absence of this oath means that ND's statehood is illegitimate.  South Dakota did not mess up.

Discovered problem.  Hero.

This is awful, mind-blowing news!  I cannot believe that there are really only 49 states!  Everything that I have been taught as a child is completely wrong!!!  (Look at how many exclamation points I'm having to use to get across how upset I am!)  How many other "states" aren't really states?  Is Alabama a state?  Is West Virginia a state?  What about Nebraska?  Probably not.

Are they all really states, or just the ones in orange?

Luckily, Senator Tim Mathern of Fargo introduced a bill to make ND officially a state.  The senator being from Fargo reminds us that North Dakota is the setting of the Coen Brother's movie, Fargo.  It is from this movie that I learned that ND is a place I would never like to visit.  Also, this movie is the only thing people know about ND (unless they live there).

Is it a good movie?  Yah, you bethcha.

Here are some other fun facts about North Dakota so that you're more informed: 

*The State Beverage is MILK.

*The State Dance is the SQUARE DANCE.

*ND has the most CHURCHES per capita than any other state.

*The State Bird is the WESTERN MEADOWLARK.

So, if you lived in ND, on Saturday night you would have a big glass of milk before going to a square dance with your sweetheart.  The following morning, after going to church, you'd see a Western Meadowlark.  Then, you'd go home and watch Fargo.


In all seriousness, I am quite relieved that ND will finally be officially a state.  I think that we should add many more states to the Union.  It is unfair that in the 1700s and 1800s, states were added all the time, and since I've been born, they haven't added any!  Can we please just add Puerto Rico, Guam, and Canada already?!