Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Super Moon

Last night was the first SUPER perigee moon in nearly 20 years!!  The moon was 14% larger and 30% brighter than normal full moons!!  (Hopefully, all of these exclamation points are conveying how very exciting this is.)

I went out to observe this so-called super moon at roughly 9:00PM and I was very unimpressed.  The moon looked the same as usual and was only slightly brighter.  I went back outside at 1:00AM to take pictures of the perigee moon so that I could write a post about how lame it was.  But what I saw when I went outside wasn't what I expected...

The moon was super!  It was like a giant flashlight shining down from the heavens!  It was so bright that at first I thought someone left the porch lights on, but no, it was the moon!  Though the moon didn't seem to be much larger, it was definitely way brighter.

I took some photos of the moon, but since I do not have an expensive, professional photographer camera (only a normal one) they really don't do the super moon justice (and in a lot of the photos it looks just like a normal moon).

Me pointing to the moon

Some random girl pointing at the super moon

In reality, the moon looked more like this: 

The moon is very important to Earth and it was nice to see it at its best.  I always say that dog is to man as moon is to Earth (and this is an "analogy").  Last night was a reminder of how important and special our moon is to all of us.  If we did not have the moon, we would have to go all the way to Mars to have another place to colonize when the earth is too crowded.  Also, soon we will be allowed to go on vacations to the moon and it will be better than Disney World, maybe even better than Universal Studios.

Better than Disney World?

If you missed the super perigee moon, do not fret!  The next one will be in just 18 years!