Saturday, September 25, 2010


Sometimes when there is nothing to watch on TV, I’ll see what movies Direct TV is offering for free.  They’re usually complete crap and Firehouse Dog was no exception.  I only half-watched the movie, (it was on in the background) but there was one fantastic moment of cinematic genius that needs to be described here.

We’re in the firehouse and a firefighter is making his fantastic chili in the kitchen for his fellow firefighters.  He leaves the kitchen to get his friends and we see the dog enter the room.  Is the dog going to eat the chili (because that would be hilarious of course)?  Nope.  The firefighters return to the room to find the dog on the table squatting over the chili taking a shit in it.  As viewers, we actually get the treat of seeing a shit drop from the dog’s anus and plop into the chili.  It is nice to see that Firehouse Dog has taken the idea of a dog ruining dinner by eating the food and pushed it to another level by having a dog shit on the food.

I didn’t watch the last half of the movie and I don’t remember much about the half or so of the film I did see (except for the memorable dog shitting in chili scene), but I’m sure it is amazing.  You should definitely Netflix this one.